Nature dreaming collection
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I am an artist and jewellery designer/maker working with gold, argentium silver, titanium and specially selected gemstones. I find inspiration in the natural world especially coastal scenes, ancient forests and all the life within them. My signature collection ‘Nature dreaming’ is all about the magic of nature, moments of wonder and the
inter-connectedness between everything.

I also have a passion for gemstones and an ever growing collection, so I'm always on the lookout for stand out stones with intense natural colour and lustre, stones that have life!

I feel very lucky and fortunate to be living my passion, I wish this for everyone.

Very best wishes,

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Nature dreaming collection

My signature collection ‘Nature dreaming' features intricately hand crafted mountain, forest and coastal scenes. Building upon layers of gold and silver the scene is formed, birds, trees and other details are then hand cut bringing each piece to life. Attention to detail plays a really important role when I work on these pieces, for instance making sure that the waves roll into shore with a feeling of movement and realism that we can all relate to.

I like to think of these as modern day heirlooms carrying your own stories and dreams.