about ophelia

As a jeweller I draw daily from my surroundings with my love of life and discovering the beauty in nature. I have encorporated this simplicity into my jewellery. 

Lifestyle, wellness and the statements or words I use in my work have meaning to me and I use as gentle reminders or inspirations. I like to begin with an idea and watch it develop into a piece of beauty.  After selecting gemstones or accents the work blossoms into an adornment that I myself would enjoy wearing. 

All of my handmade jewellery is made with heart and soul and positive intention.  I believe that every piece should have the same attention to detail and importance as each other. 

My work is timeless and bespoke, I use clean cut designs and quality materials – exotic hand selected gemstones, 14 ct gold and sterling silver.

To be able to wear handcrafted jewellery to me is an important factor, jewellery is meant to be a part of the person adorning it and the sentiment in wearing your selected piece for what ever reason is your personal choice.

Your selected jewellery is a beauty in its own right and can be your own uniqueness which makes you who you are in your wonderful life.